The Sweet Simones

THE SWEET SIMONES are a 9-piece swing band from Munich (DE) with charismatic lead singer, 4 horns and rhythm group, reviving the golden age of jazz with their energetic versions of classic 30’s and 40’s tunes, catchy original songs in swing style and captivating live performances. With an entertaining front man in the tradition of Frank Sinatra and Rat Pack Las Vegas shows, stirring solos and retro outfits, the group bridge yesterday’s big band sound to listeners from today. They have excited audiences in more than 100 shows, appeared live on TV and released an album with originals.

Founded 2015 in Munich, THE SWEET SIMONES quickly gained reputation in the local swing scene, followed by playing bigger events across Germany and Europe. Since 2017, they recorded an album with originals and reached a broader audience by playing numerous concerts from jazz clubs to festivals. Driving force behind THE SWEET SIMONES is bandleader and pianist Aljoscha Kleinhammer who writes the songs and most of the arrangements. His passion for the swing era made him bring the group to life as he was looking for a way to get his perception of the sizzling and unique atmosphere of the great ballrooms and classy Las Vegas shows to modern live audiences, celebrate favorite swing classics and express his own compositions. With like-minded front man Jimmy Buford, passionate for the great jazz age entertainers and avid fan of original swing style outfits, he found the perfect match to bring the show to stage authentically and take each audience to the magic of another era.

Half of the band’s repertoire features their individual fresh and energetic approach to classic 30's and 40's swing tunes, the other half are original compositions with swing style arrangements but in a pop-like verse – chorus song structure. Combined with catchy melodies, clever lyrics and a dash of early rhythm and blues, their unique sound bridges yesterday’s swing style to today’s audiences.

THE SWEET SIMONES’ characteristic style can best be compared to show settings by Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Louis Prima or swing revivals by Robbie Williams, Michael Bublé and Brian Setzer. The versatile 4 horn plus rhythm section setup is perfect to create the typical swing sound while this group size still allows the musicians to create spontaneous dynamic and have room for individual expression in stirring solos. In good old Rat Pack tradition, front man Jimmy Buford is not only lead singer but also entertains the audience through the show with charm and fine humor.

In more than 100 concerts, THE SWEET SIMONES have excited audiences in jazz clubs, festivals, swing dance events and various music venues including Jazzweekend Regensburg, B-Flat (Berlin), Jazzbar Vogler (Munich), Hep Cats Holiday (Bristol, UK), Schloss Elmau, Rock That Swing (Munich), Party Like Gatsby (Limassol, CY), Tiki Beat (Regensburg) and many more. They released the album ‘Pocket Moon’ (2017), were selected “Band of the week” by Süddeutsche Zeitung (2019) and played live in a German TV Show (Bayerisches Fernsehen, 2019).

The band’s live performances are celebrated for their “thrilling, captivating and energetic show” (BR Fernsehen, 2019) and getting “everyone in the audience move their feet with the driving swing music” (Kulturvision, 2018). The original compositions from the album ‘Pocket Moon’ received positive critical acclaim and have been described as “authentic, modern and peppy” (Rockabilly Rules, 2017) and “far from easy-listening jazz, instead with tremendous energy - the remarkable original tunes immediately become catchy” (Kulturvision 2018).

THE SWEET SIMONES are: Jimmy Buford (vocals), Julius Braun (trumpet),Andreas Stephan (alto/bari sax), Martin Hering (trombone), Michael Schreiber (tenor sax, flute), Adrian Sieber (guitar), Aljoscha Kleinhammer (piano), Michael Maier (bass), Wolfgang Hering (drums)

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Track Listing:

01. The Chili Boys
02. Song For A Roadtrip
03. Welcome To A-Street
04. Chimp
05. Music Box
06. Pocket Moon
07. Don‘t Take My Heart For Granted
08. Birds Don‘t Know Why They Fly
09. Jump Mingus
10. From Five To Five

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